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Senior Management

<a href='https://yaraduafoundation.org/smyf/component/sppagebuilder/139-jacqueline-w-farris.html'>Jacqueline Farris</a>
Jacqueline FarrisDirector General
Mrs. Jacqueline Farris has served as Director General of the Yar’Adua Foundation from its inception in 1998 till date. Born in Panama...more
<a href='http://yaraduafoundation.org/smyf/team/babatunde-ahmadu.html'>Babatunde Ahmadu</a>
Babatunde AhmaduFinance Manager
Babatunde Ahmadu is a finance expert with over 15 years of experience overseeing the day-to-day financial operations of the Yar'Adua Foundation...more
<a href='http://yaraduafoundation.org/smyf/team/amara-nwankpa.html'>Amara Nwankpa</a>
Amara NwankpaDirector, Partnerships and Development
Amara Nwankpa is a civic technology and public policy expert with a passion for evidence-driven policy development and...more
<a href='https://yaraduafoundation.org/smyf/component/sppagebuilder/141-vivian-emehelu.html'>Vivian Emehelu</a>
Vivian EmeheluDirector, Administration and Finance
Vivian Emehelu is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified process improvement specialist. She oversees daily operations,...more
<a href='http://yaraduafoundation.org/smyf/team/anyalewa-ejila.html'>Anyalewa Ejila</a>
Anyalewa EjilaHuman Resources Manager
Anyalewa Ejila manages HR operations. Her responsibilities include recruitment and performance evaluations, coordination of staff...more

Programme Team

<a href='http://yaraduafoundation.org/smyf/team/mary-amos.html'>Mary Opeyemi Amos</a>
Mary Opeyemi AmosProgramme Manager
Mary Opeyemi Amos is the Programme Manager for Governance and Accountability. She is responsible for the daily management of the...more
<a href='https://yaraduafoundation.org/smyf/component/sppagebuilder/142-sadiya-ochekliye.html'>Halimatu Sadiya Ochekliye</a>
Halimatu Sadiya OchekliyeProgramme Manager
Sadiya Ochekliye is the Programme Manager for Gender Justice. She is responsible for the daily management of the...more
<a href='http://yaraduafoundation.org/smyf/team/zainab-iliyasu.html'>Zainab Iliyasu</a>
Zainab IliyasuDigital Support Officer
Zainab Iliyasu provides digital and operational support to the Foundation’s Public Policy Initiative. She also contributes to advocacy messaging...more
<a href='http://yaraduafoundation.org/smyf/team/regina-alachi.html'>Regina Alachi</a>
Regina AlachiProgramme Officer
Regina Alachi provides programme and administrative support to the Foundation’s Gender Justice programme. She also facilitates the...more
<a href='http://yaraduafoundation.org/smyf/team/rashidat-omolara-sanusi.html'>Rashidat Omolara Sanusi</a>
Rashidat Omolara SanusiProgramme Officer
Rashidat Sanusi provides programme and administrative support to the Foundation’s Climate Advocacy programme. She has a background...more
<a href='https://yaraduafoundation.org/smyf/component/sppagebuilder/140-lilian.html'>Lilian Mbaegbu</a>
Lilian MbaegbuProgramme Officer
Lilian Mbaegbu designs and implements monitoring and evaluation frameworks for the Foundation’s programmes, projects and activities...more
<a href='http://yaraduafoundation.org/smyf/team/zainab-ibrahim.html'>Zainab Ibrahim</a>
Zainab IbrahimProgramme Officer
Zainab Ibrahim provides administrative and communication support to the Foundation’s Public Policy Initiative. She spearheads...more
<a href='https://yaraduafoundation.org/smyf/component/sppagebuilder/143-kenneth-emeribe.html'>Kenneth Emeribe</a>
Kenneth Emeribe supports the Foundation with advocacy messaging, content development and programme-related research...more
<a href='https://yaraduafoundation.org/smyf/component/sppagebuilder/144-abdul.html'>Abdulwaheed Abdulwaliu</a>
Abdulwaheed Abdulwaliu curates relevant documents and content regarding the legacy of Shehu Musa Yar’adua. He assists with managing ...more

Facility Management

<a href='http://yaraduafoundation.org/smyf/team/loveth-owunezi.html'>Loveth Owunezi</a>
Loveth OwuneziConference Coordinator
Loveth Owunezi manages the Yar’Adua Centre facility rentals, including reservations for meetings, seminars, conferences...more
<a href='http://yaraduafoundation.org/smyf/team/abraham-agharite.html'>Abraham Agharite </a>
Abraham Agharite is responsible for general administration of the Yar’Adua Centre Library. His duties include member registration...more
<a href='http://yaraduafoundation.org/smyf/team/morris-daniel.html'>Morris Daniel</a>
Morris DanielMaintenance Officer
Morris Daniel conducts routine inspections and maintenance of the Centre facilities. He provides technical support and event management...more
<a href='https://yaraduafoundation.org/smyf/component/sppagebuilder/137-emmanuel-abaagu.html'>Emmanuel Abaagu</a>
Emmanuel AbaaguAssistant Facility Manager
Emmanuel Abaagu assists with oversight and management of the Yar’Adua Centre, including liaising with external contractors...more

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