Governance and Accountability

Corruption is one of Nigeria’s most critical but least understood governance challenges. Successive reports released by Transparency International since 2000 have placed Nigeria in the top 40 of the world’s most corrupt countries, affecting public finances, business investment and our standard of living.

Nigeria has sought to tackle corruption by focusing on legal and institutional measures - including reform of public procurement and public finance management, enactment of anti-corruption laws and the establishment of various anti-corruption agencies tasked with investigating and punishing incidents of corruption. This focus on strengthening institutions and imposing tougher sanctions is critical. But innovative and complimentary efforts are required to shift cultural attitudes to corruption at all levels of society.

Content Aggregation System for Elections (CASE 2019)

The Office of the National Security Adviser commended the Yar’Adua Foundation for its significant contribution to the ONSA Crisis Centre during the 2019 elections.

Support for CASE 2019 was generously provided by the UK Department for International Development (DfID).

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MyINEC Mobile App

An upgraded version of the MyINEC mobile app includes personalised content and features designed to appeal to young voters, improve responsiveness, service delivery and civic engagement.

Accreditation Portal

The Foundation developed a web-based platform for INEC that facilitated on-line registration and accreditation of observers for the 2019 election. Link:


Social Media Tracking Centre

The tracking centre facilitated management and escalation of reports from civil society and citizen observers deployed across the country using the CASE mobile app.