Gender Justice

The Foundation’s Gender Justice Programme was established to improve safeguarding for women and vulnerable adults in work and education spaces in Nigeria. The initiative will address power asymmetries that enable gender-based violence in Nigerian institutions and organizations.

The culture of sexual harassment in the work place and on university campuses poses a serious threat to the wellbeing and empowerment of young women in Nigeria. More...

Promoting Interventions in Violence Against Women and Girls

The Yar’Adua Foundation has provided technical assistance to four partner universities, AUN, BUK, UNN and UNILAG to develop their safeguarding policies; a policy that stipulates the best practices, procedures and frameworks for an organization to respond to safeguarding concerns while providing a proactive approach to preventing sexual harassment within educational institutions. This process has resulted in the universities engaging in sensitization campaigns to create awareness amongst the student population regarding the existence of safeguarding policies. The Foundation has also developed a framework to track safeguarding policies in Nigerian institutions