Civic Space

Nigeria's civic space is being repressed by sponsored attacks on civil liberties that threaten the foundation of democracy. This has led to a climate of fear where journalists and activists self-censor to avoid persecution, undermining public demand for transparency and responsible governance. To preserve civic freedoms, swift intervention mechanisms are critical to the ongoing struggle.

Joint Civic Defense Fund (JCDF)

With support from the MacArthur Foundation, Ford Foundation, Open Society for Africa and Luminate, the Yar’Adua Foundation empowers frontline civic stakeholders and activists to promote an atmosphere of anti-corruption and good governance by:
• Strengthening and institutionalizing processes and frameworks to provide legal, medical, livelihood, physical and psychosocial services to human rights defenders and activists
• Supporting community protection mechanisms and partnerships in the civic space
• Supporting research-driven advocacy for policies and resources that promote and protect the civic space