Civic Space

Nigeria's civic space is being repressed by sponsored attacks on civil liberties that threaten the foundation of democracy. This has led to a climate of fear where journalists and activists self-censor to avoid persecution, undermining public demand for transparency and responsible governance. To preserve civic freedoms, swift intervention mechanisms are critical to the ongoing struggle.

Memory and National Building: Biafra 50 Years After

Despite efforts at reconciliation, reconstruction and rehabilitation, the effects of the bitter civil war – fought over the attempted secession of Biafra in 1967 - still linger.

Memory and National Building: Biafra 50 Years After was the first national convening with participation of the federal government since the end of the war. The event revisited narratives of events and actions taken before, during and after the Civil War with a view to spurring conciliatory conversations and learning lessons that could be useful in addressing lingering grievances.

Support was provided by the Ford Foundation and OSIWA.

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