Civic Space

Nigeria's civic space is being repressed by sponsored attacks on civil liberties that threaten the foundation of democracy. This has led to a climate of fear where journalists and activists self-censor to avoid persecution, undermining public demand for transparency and responsible governance. To preserve civic freedoms, swift intervention mechanisms are critical to the ongoing struggle.

Promoting National Cohesion and Building Platforms to Counter Divisive Behavior

Nigeria has experienced divisions and tensions between and among various ethnic identities since the struggle for independence. Efforts to resolve conflicts have been deployed, but latent acrimonies and mutual suspicions remain evident due to a combination of socio-economic and political factors, compounded by perceived and existent injustice.

A June 2018 three-day retreat at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library in Abeokuta explored drivers of tension in Nigeria and identified strategies to address them. A community of stakeholders committed themselves to address challenges confronting unity in Nigeria.

Support for the retreat was provided by the Ford Foundation.

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