Membership Policy

How to Join

  • Complete a membership application form.
  • Present two (2) recent passport size photographs.
  • Obtain a recommendation letter from a senior staff of an organisation or a legal practitioner.
  • Submit payment of N15,000 membership fee.
  • Allow 48 hours for processing your application.


  • Valid only after fee has been paid and a card issued.
  • Renewable anually.
  • Not transferable.
  • Membership card must be presented for all transactions.
  • Loss of membership card must be reported. A replacement fee of N500 will be charged.
  • The Centre reserves the right to refuse membership to applicants.

What You Should Know 

  • Handbags and other large carriers must be placed in cabinets provided at the library reception area.
  • Use of mobile telephones are not allowed in the library.
  • Membership will be cancelled with immediate effect upon theft of the Centre’s materials or infringement of any regulation.