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Black Moses


Black Moses

Author: Alain Mabanckou
Publisher:  Serpent's Tail September, 2017
ISBN-13:   9781781256749
ISBN-10:   1781256748


It's 1970, and in the People's Republic of Congo a Marxist-Leninist revolution is ushering in a new age. But over at the orphanage on the outskirts of Pointe-Noire where young Moses has grown up, the revolution has only strengthened the reign of terror of Dieudonné Ngoulmoumako, the institution's corrupt director.

So Moses escapes to Pointe-Noire, where he finds a home with a larcenous band of Congolese Merry Men and among the Zairian prostitutes of the Trois-Cents quarter. But the authorities won't leave Moses in peace, and intervene to chase both the Merry Men and the Trois-Cents girls out of town. All this injustice pushes poor Moses over the edge. Could he really be the Robin Hood of the Congo? Or is he just losing his marbles?

Black Moses is a larger-than-life comic tale of a young man obsessed with helping the helpless in an unjust world. It is also a vital new extension of Mabanckou's extraordinary, interlinked body of work dedicated to his native Congo, and confirms his status as one of our great storytellers.





A Paradise for MaggotsA Paradise for Maggots : The Story of a Nigerian Anti-Graft Czar

Author: Wale Adebanwi
Publisher: W. Abebanwi, 2010
ISBN-13: 9789789121144
ISBN-10: 9789121148


A Paradise of Maggots chronicles the story of Nuhu Ribadu, arguably Africa's most courageous and most successful anti-corruption czar. It places the anti-graft exploits of Ribadu on a larger canvass of nationhood in a country in which public office is regarded as an 'eatery'.

This revealing and riveting narrative of one of Africa's biggest cesspits of graft will leave the reader gasping for breath, shocked at how a country with abundant resources, human and material, was turned into the laughing stock of the entire world by its thieving elite.

The reader will also be inspired by one man's dangerous battle to reverse that revolting history.

'Will the cesspools of corruption in Nigeria be forever drained and will this great nation discover a path to democratic prosperity? That is the question which confronts us on almost every page of Adebowale's searing exposé'.


ISBN-13: 9781911115243

ISBN-10: 1911115243

Author: Toni Kan

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Cassava Republic Press

Published: October 2016