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Strengthening Nigeria's Democracy


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Climate Advocacy

Nigeria faces a looming climate and environmental crisis that it can no longer afford to ignore. Creeping effects of climate change and concurrent environmental degradation on communities across the country, unchecked for many years, pose significant socio-economic, political and sustainable development challenges for the nation.  Climate Advocacy engages relevant stakeholders in order to galvanize national action in response to the challenge posed by these threats. Read More

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Governance & Accountability

Accountable and transparent management of our natural resources, particuarly the oil and gas sector, is critical to national development. The Oil Revenue Tracking Initiative (ORTI) provides credible information on issues surrounding Nigeria’s oil resource governance and engages citizens and stakeholders to promote sustainable policy making. The initiative is supported by the Facility for Oil Sector Transparency (FOSTER) and Department for International Development (DFID) UK. Read More

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Credible Elections

In Nigeria, elections have too often been a sour point of our democracy. Fraud, rigging, vote buying and blatant results manipulation have undermined the credibility and public confidence of this important process. Our credible elections programme seeks to institutionalize transparency and credibility in election processes in Nigeria by promoting the use of new technologies as tools for improving the capacity to observe election processes. Read More