Strengthening Nigeria's Democracy Through Credible Elections


In Nigeria, elections have too often been a sour point of our democracy. Fraud, rigging, vote buying and blatant results manipulation have undermined public confidence in this important process. Our Credible Elections Programme seeks to institutionalize transparency in election processes in Nigeria by promoting the use of new technologies as tools to improve the capacity to observe and monitor election processes. We work with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to engage citizens and other stakeholders using technology.

The Foundation will deploy an improved version of its Content Aggregation System for Elections during the upcoming 2019 elections. The initiative will provide technical assistance to INEC to improve its ability to engage voters and facilitate critical services to election stakeholders. CASE 2019 will provide technology and process support to enhance collaboration among election observer teams, improving the effectiveness of their efforts and the quality of their reports. 

One of the exciting outputs of our credible elections programme is the Content Aggregation System for Elections (CASE) – a pioneering technology platform to provide election stakeholders with relevant and meaningful information about the progress of elections in real time. CASE is comprised of a social media aggregation software called Aggie, a platform for aggregating and analysing traditional observer reports (ELMO) and a mobile app for sending reports. CASE was deployed for the 2015 elections.


CASE 2015 Report: Content Aggregation System for Elections 2015
CASE 2015: Pilot Test Report March 2014
Social Media Tracking Centre and the 2011 Elections
Promoting Two-Way Communication between INEC and its Stakeholders  2011
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